Journal: Give the Public Information–It Does Help!

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Fast Food Nutrition Labels May Help Parents Pick Lower-Calorie Meals for Kids

In a small study, parents ordered about 20 percent fewer calories for their kids when they chose from a menu with nutrition information on it, Dr. Pooja Tandon of the University of Washington and colleagues reported online in the journal Pediatrics.

“One hundred calories over time and at a population level is actually a significant amount in terms of being able to avert weight gain,” Tandon told MedPage Today.

Phi Beta Iota: This is noteworthy as an example of the importance of providing the public with “true cost” information at the point of every sale–not just of food, but of all products and services.  What most businesses have not realizes that that the only sustainable business is one that is both green and attractive to an informed public.  Advertising should NOT be a tax-deductible expense, providing truthful information about any product or service should be tax deductible.

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