Reference: Collapse in early Mesopotamian states–what happened and what didn’t

Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence

ABSTRACT:  This paper presents examples of macro-societal change, the nature of social interaction in highly stratified societies, and principles of  stability and instability in hierarchies, and it discusses the choices that humans, of high status and low, made and which affected their lives in the most profound ways.

CORE QUOTE:  Stuart Kauffman (1993, 1995), working at the SFI, points out that systems that are too highly connected (or hypercoherent) can suffer a “complexity catastrophe” because the parts are too interdependent such that the impacts to one or some will cascade into others, an “avalanche of coevolutionary changes” (in a phrase echoing Bak's avalachnes of piles of sand).  “Robust” systesm for Kauffman are those which are flexible enough to maintain “structural stability.”

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