Reference: Protecting the Force–Lessons from Fort Hood

Cultural Intelligence, DoD, True Cost
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Phi Beta Iota: The report observes that we lack both indicators and the ability to share information about indicators across boundaries.  More disturbing to us from a public intelligence perspective is the report's unwillingess to address the cognitive dissonance that led to the break-down of an educated multi-cultural field grade officer in the U.S. Army.

We are reminded of LtGen Romeo Dallaire, Canadian Land Forces, who lost his mind in Rwanda and required treatment before he could complete his book, Shake Hands With The Devil–The Failure Of Humanity In Rwanda; or of the two CIA clandestine case officers that went nuts in Somalia for being put in the wrong place by bad management–a story featured in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine.

Chapter 20 in our new book INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH takes a stab at addressing 21st Century Counterintelligence: Evaluating the Health of the Nation.   Until the truth is on the table, it is not possible to craft a reality-based strategy.  The truth at any cost reduces all other costs.  In our view, Maj Nidal was a casualty of a war policy and a manpower policy that are in conjunction out of touch with reality.

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