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This pair of searches is of concern.

To the best of our knowledge, both Translators without Borders and are reputable organizations and have nothing to do with fraud or scams.  We happen to think very highly of, which among many other innovations made its software “open source” for potential future expansion.  Both of these organizations are positioned to replace–bury–the antiquated US and NATO translation systems that rely on “trusted” citizens with clearances.  No such thing–indeed, trusted citizens with clearances usually screw up the translations and create more dangerous problems in so doing.

The “scam” that gullible Americans are rocketing around the Internet is more of an urban myth and also a very well known scam going back through the ages, of the “overpayment” in advance and then the request.  Few people seems to realize that cashing a check provides little protection against the check being rescinded.  In any event, there is no connection between these two reputable companies and the gossip-fraud report that is circulating, as far as we know.

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