Journal: IED Deja Vu–from Viet-Nam with Love…

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Marcus Aurelius

Robots and bees to beat the Taliban

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The homemade IED is the extremists’ deadliest weapon and America is spending billions on trying to combat it. We are granted access to this secret, smart and bizarre world

Phi Beta Iota: In 1988 the US Marine Corps told the emerging MASINT community that their highest priority was the detection of explosives at a stand off distance regardless of the container.  This was based on USMC experience in El Salvador, where wooden containers were used to defeat mine detectors.  The article is incorrect about mines replacing small arms as the weapon or casualty-causer of choice; mines in Viet-Nam took out more people (and the able-bodied needed to carry the wounded) than any other capability.  The Israeli solution is a well-trained dog.

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