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Greetings.  Never, ever search for Steele, he is “ever-present” and had to be taken off of the author tags otherwise it would be Steele and then a tiny small dot representing everyone else.

<Climate Confusion> by itself brings up two hits:

Journal: ClimateGate 19 December 2009 Morning

Journal: UN IPCC, Al Gore, & Big Doubts

“ClimateGate” is your hint–that is how we handle both the reality of climate change, and the fraud that characterizes Al Gore, Maurice Strong, and all those associated with the IPCC and the fraudulent carbon marketplace–they are the Enron of the environmental movement.  Searching for ClimateGate bring up the master list with all links:

Reference: ClimateGate Rolling Update

Climate Change is real–it is also 100 years away and a tiny fraction of Environmental Degradaton, which the vastly more responsible High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change put at #3 for the simple reason that poverty does more environmental degradation than all the corporations on the planet, and infectious disease (#2) further reduces diversity and impact on the environment.  Carbon is also a small part of climate change–paving over the wetlands, the HAARP Project, sulfer, mercury, all the toxins in our foods, all of these add up to climate change impacts–they just cannot be fraudlently traded the way the carbon market scam has been devised.

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