Journal: Vermont Flexes Its Righteous Muscles

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Vermont Senate Votes to Close Nuclear Plant

MONTPELIER, Vt. — In an unusual state foray into nuclear regulation, the Vermont Senate voted 26 to 4 Wednesday to block a license extension for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, citing radioactive leaks, misstatements in testimony by plant officials and other problems.

Phi Beta Iota: America is fed up with an inept and corrupt federal government that can no longer be trusted to uphold the public interest; and with corporations that lie to the public and constantly manipulate ownership entities to avoid responsibility and liability.  Vermont is the canary in the coal mine–it is the most likely to nullify federal laws and it is the most like to announce its secession from the United STATES of America absent a radical resurrection of the integrity of the electoral process and the three branches of government.  “Home Rule” is a meme that is spreading fast across America, with corporations learning that they must legally give up their ill-gotten personality status to do business in particular counties; this is complemented by the “move money home” movement and the “buy local” movement.

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