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“Homegrown Terra-rists” Ignite Video

The Ignite Show just posted episode 2, Kati’s Botanicalls Ignite NYC talk from back in September 2008 during Web 2.0 Expo. You may want to skip past the intro…and start at 1:33.

The Botanicalls system and applications use networked open source hardware and software to allow plants to communicate with people on people’s terms – using the telephone, text messages or twitter.

Soil Sensor to Shooter SMS

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Plants Text Message Farmers When Thirsty

ScienceDaily (May 5, 2008) — Beginning this crop season, farmers will be able to receive text messages on their cell phones from their plants saying whether they are thirsty or not.

Thirsty Plants Text For Help: Interactive Telecommunications Researchers Develop A Device For Plants To Send Text Messages

To communicate, probes in the soil emit electric waves. A voltage level based on the moisture content is sent through two wires to a circuit board that compares the optimum moisture level with the current one. A local network receives this data and allows the plant to send a message through the device.

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