Journal: Israel Joins USA in the Psycho Ward

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Chuck Spinney

The attached opinion piece by Juan Cole is an excellent summary of how the self destructive nexus of Israeli and US foreign policies has pushed both countries into the grand-strategic equivalent of a psycho ward.

Chuck SPinney

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The Decline of the Israeli Right and the Increasing Desperation of the ‘Anti-Semitism' Charge

The great divide between liberal Jewish Americans and the Israeli Right has lurked as an issue since the Likud Party first challenged Labor dominance in the late 1970s. It is now coming to a boiling point, even as Israel's reputation in the world is sinking. As rightwing policies more visibly fail, the Likudniks are flailing around making fools of themselves by smearing critics of those policies as racists. (Anyone who knows how Likud supporters talk among themselves about Arabs and other outsiders can only be amused at their impudent hypocrisy in playing the race card.)

The mess that Mossad's mercenaries (some of them possibly from the Fateh Palestinian faction also opposed to Hamas) made of a routine political assassination in Dubai of a Hamas agent funneling arms from Iran is a blow against Ithe image of daring, stone-cold competence cultivated by the Israeli security establishment. The killing went smoothly, but it transpires that the assassins had not only stolen the passport identities of British and Irish citizens, but those of several Israeli dual citizens originally from the UK, as well. Mossad thus made potential problems for those passport holders for the rest of their lives, since Interpol will be interested every time the numbers pop up at an airport check-in.

Phi Beta Iota: The Israeli “state” is responsible for genocide and other atrocities, plain and simple.  We support an immediate cessation of ALL U.S. assistance, both military and finanical, to Israel and to the military and royal dictatorships of the Middle East; the money should be redirected to a UN Trusteeship that creates a two state solution including the total push-back of Israeli settlements and the reconnection of Gaze and the sea with the rest of Palestine.  Enormous reparations are due to both Lebanon and Palestine, and Israel should not receive a single penny in stabilization & reconstruction assistance until a Truth & Reconciliation Commission led by Nelson Mandela and Lee Kuan Yew has sorted it all out.
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