Journal: Michael Moore to Replace Rahm Emanuel in WH?

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence
Full Story: New WH Chief of Staff

And the brief window we had to fix this country will be gone.


Gone, baby, gone.

I don’t know what your team has been up to, but they haven’t served you well. And Rahm, poor Rahm, has turned into a fighter — not of Republicans, but of the left. He called those of us who want universal health care “f***ing retarded.” Look, I don’t know if Rahm is the problem or if it’s Gibbs or Axelrod or any of the other great people we owe a debt of thanks to for getting you elected. All I know is that whatever is fueling your White House it’s now running on fumes. Time to shake things up!

Phi Beta Iota: The Huffington Post is consistently negative on Rahm Emanuel, and with good reason.  Between his partisan ideology and David Axelrods ignoring the 70% of the eligible voters that did not vote for President Barack Obama, the White House is completely out of touch with reality and literally has no intelligence (decision-support) on ANYTHING.   The government is BROKEN.  Click on the photograph to read the full satirical piece.

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