Review (DVD): Crazy Heart (2009)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great as far as it goes not as good as Walk the Line, May 1, 2010

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is indeed gifted in his portrayal of the alcoholic song writer and guitarist, but the script is a bit too simple and starts in the middle of the story–would have been much more engaging if we had seen him at his height, even if only an opening scence and then “six years later,”–so I personally was somewhat disappointed.

The female supporting star is absolutely wonderful, comes into the film not a second too late.

There wasn't enough music for my taste–same song over and over, and I could not hear the words for the so-called great song that got him back on his feet financially.

Not as good as:
Walk the Line
Pure Country/Honeysuckle Rose
Beyond the Sea
De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story
Coal Miner's Daughter – 25th Anniversary Edition

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