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» Infographic: How a Bill Actually Becomes a Law (GOOD magazine)

» Animation: Economic Hitmen –

» New Documentary on Medical Marijuana + Legalization: “How Weed Won the West”

» Claims of BP & Coast Guard blocking media access to photograph oil disaster

» Stove Team International: Bringing fuel-efficient stoves to the world

» Ecocina stove fr StoveTeam International expanding distribution (stove made w/concrete insulated w/pumice uses less wood)

» New Digital Archive from the UN: The Haiti Oral History and Visual Archive

» BP Hires Dick Cheney’s Former Campaign Press Secretary

» June 3-6: The Bilderberg group will conduct its annual meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain

» Updated: Remote Operated Vehicle feeds of oil plume added in addition to the PBS feed

» Over 20 special interest groups are preparing to spend $400 MILLION on 2010 elections:

» California lawmakers have voted to ban single-use plastic bags at supermarket checkout stands (GOOD magazine)

» 172 Former Lawmakers Now Lobbyists.

» Video–The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo (Systematic rape as a weapon of war..a monstrosity of our time)

» Energy+Water Idea Lab: How will the world work differently in 2020, as we try to manage the water/energy dilemma?

» Photos protesting Israel: Israel/Paris/Athens/Cyprus/London/Italy/Bahrain/Istanbul/Cairo/Morroco/Stockholm/Whitehouse

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