Reference: Panarchy is What We Make of It–Why a World State is Not Inevitable

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ABSTRACT:  Alexander Wendt begins his paper “Why a World State is Inevitable” with the following concise formulation of his intent: “In this article I propose a teleological theory of the ‘logic of anarchy’ which suggests that a world state is inevitable …” (Wndt, 2003).  I offer the following equally concise opposition: In this article I propose a teleonomic theory of the ‘logic of panarchy’ which suggests that a world state is not inevitable.  I suggest that the stable “state” for this teleonomic process is a global “complex adaptive system,” or governance network, in which the ‘logic of anarchy’ gives way to the ‘logic of panarchy.”  It is essential to note that Wednt and I agree on far more than we disagree, but the pointson which we disagree are fundamental.

Core Quote:  “In a teleonomy, the focus is on the adaptive rules, i.e. the processes by which the system explores and exploits new possibilities.  Because the system’s identity is enacted through a program and not by virtue of an outcome, lourality, diversity, democracy, abnd the navigation of competing rules and norms take on a new urgency.  That urgency is enshrined in the voluntary and “freely given” intentionality that is possible only in panarchy.”

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