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New Report Findings from Barracuda Labs: The ‘King Of Malware’ at Midyear 2010, Google

Matt McGee writes on Search Engine Land:

Google has twice as much malware in its search results as Yahoo, Bing, and Twitter combined. That’s one of the findings in the Barracuda Labs 2010 Midyear Security Report, which will be presented tomorrow at the DEFCON 18 hacking conference tomorrow in Las Vegas.

Barracuda Labs says it studied the four search engines for about two months and reviewed more than 25,000 trending topics and almost 5.5 million search results.

The article also includes a pie chart (on page 60 showing malware percentages from Google 69%, Bing 12%, Yahoo 18%, and Twitter 1%) as well as a table showing the percentage of accounts Twitter suspends each month.

[It] was 1.67% for the first half of 2010, with a high of 2.38% in June.

Access the Complete Article, Charts, and Graphs at Search Engine Land

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