Journal: Snow White & the Seven Dorks

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(COMMENT:  If GEN McChrystal had had THIS poster displayed in his headquarters, then maybe there would have been some cause for Presidential concern….)

Same Bird Two Faces

Phi Beta Iota: Over 43% of the eligible voters in America are now self-described Independents, at the same time that our fraudulent and hijacked electoral process no longer qualifies the US as  a “democracy” because none of the other 63 parties can gain ballot access and many states have rigged their entire process to block both write-in votes and third party challenges.  The two photos below represent the death of democracy and the death of the Republic, a Republic that can only be revised with Electoral Reform.  There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by restoring the integrity of the electoral process and the integrity of the three branches of government that are supposed to be, but are not, Of, By, and For We the People of the United STATES of America.

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Obama and the Seven Dorks

Politicians are like diapers; They need to be changed frequently,
and for the same reason!

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