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Stuart Anspach Umpleby (born March 5, 1944) is an American cybernetician and a professor in the Department of Management and Director of the Research Program in Social and Organizational Learning in the School of Business at the George Washington University.

He is a past president of the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC). In 2007 Stuart Umpleby was awarded The Wiener Gold Medal of the American Society for Cybernetics for outstanding lifelong contributions to both cybernetics and the ASC.  In 2010 he was elected an Academician in the International Academy of Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, an honor society created by the International Federation for Systems Research.

Among several other major interests, he has been a pioneering explorer of the potential for academic globalization.  See especially:

Transforming the Global University System into a Resource for Social Improvement (2003)

A Global University for A Global Village (2007)

Academic Globalization: The Growth of International Collaboration in Education and Research (2007)

Academic Globalization: Results of a Participatory Strategic Planning Exercise (2007)

Adopting Service Learning in Universities around the World (2008)


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