Review: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

5 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Review Deleted By Amazon, Reconstructed from Memory
July 20, 2010

C. D. B. Bryan

I read and reviewed this book when it came out in hard-copy, and I continue to be very annoyed with Amazon for its policy of deleting best in class reviews from the past so as to encourage new reviewers–they would be better off deleting the least useful review, but they seem motivated by a desire to give the new reviewers a chance to achieve rankings (hence, deleting least useful reviews does not meet the need, but deleted high value reviews of high performance reviewers does).

What I remember most clearly from the book is CONSISTENCY. Across all the encounters, all the accounts, all the investigations, there was a distinct, scientifically-validated consistency in all of the descriptions, effects, etcetera. This was the first book I was able to find that combined reputable scientific inquiry with a massive cross-section of stories from around the world, and that impressed me greatly.

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