Event: 12-13 Oct 2010, Wash D.C, Naked Intelligence

Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Government, Law Enforcement
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Naked Intelligence 2010


Keynote Address
Dr. Jerry Lucas, President TeleStrategies, Inc
Jed Grant, Founding Partner, Sandstone
Chuck Cohen, Cohen Training and Consulting

Corporate Intelligence
Tyler Drumheller, Chief Operations Officer, DMC Worldwide

Inside the U.S. Domestic Threat- The Lackawanna Six Case Study
Peter J Ahearn

Is Government Sponsored Intelligence Relevant in the 21st Century?
Ron Marks, Senior Vice President for Government Relations, Oxford Analytics

Predictive Intelligence in an Open Source World
Andrew Chester, Program Manager, TradeBytes Data Corporation

Intelligence Analyst, Knowledge Worker Model of the 21st Century?
Robert J Heibel, Executive Director, Institute for Intelligence Studies

Is intelligence bogged by the industry?
Jean Labrique, President, EON

Naked Intelligence 2010
Neil Livingstone, Chairman and CEO, ExecutiveAction

Business Intelligence in China
Gary Lim, Principal Consultant
One Global Mind, Collaborative Open Source Intelligence
J. Patrick Enderson

Media monitoring & analysis 3.0
Kristofer Mansson

The Naked Intelligence Agency
Frank Schneider, Managing Partner, Sandstone
Mats Björe, Senior Partner and CEO, Infosphere

Real Time Information in the Hands of Civilians: Implications for Government Entities
Stephen Arnold

Realistic Probabilities in Modern Signals Intelligence
Steve Topletz, Administrator and Operations Advisor, XeroBank/IPBank

NextGEN technology concepts for Intelligence
Mark P. Pfeiffer, Chief Visionary, SAIL Labs Technology

A new platform for Intelligence analysis
Jed Grant, Founding Partner, Sandstone
Chris Bohme

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