Journal: General McCrystal Wins, US Troops Lose

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New York Daily News
August 17, 2010
Pg. 18

Fired McChrystal Gets Yale Grad School Gig

WASHINGTON — Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the too-outspoken Afghan commander sacked by President Obama, picked up a consolation prize yesterday from the Ivy League.

Yale announced McChrystal would teach a “ leadership seminar” for grad students. McChrystal said he was looking forward to “ sharing my experiences and insights as a career military officer.”

McChrystal, 56, was forced into retirement in June after dissing the chain of command in a Rolling Stone interview.


Phi Beta Iota: Our generals are not as dumb as some folks think.  General McCrystal was and remains a phenomenon.  This was a planned exit that achieved two important objectives for the Administraiton: 1) it bought time in the domestic political context; and 2) it sidelined General Petraeus.  Yale (and Skull & Bones in particular) is the epicenter of the American Ruling Class, and one can surmise, as Buckminster Fuller suggested long ago, that the White House (regardless of party in power) is theater, and the strings are pulled from the north.  One day a full accounting will include accurate numbers on dead, suicides, Gulf War syndrome, and amputees including multiple amputees, as well as collateral damage in socio-economic and ideo-cultural terms.  A “true cost” evaluation of Iraq and Afghanistan (and the Wall Street bail-out) could shock the US public back into civitas maxima.

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