NIGHTWATCH Extract: India Wrong Force On Maoists

03 India, 05 Civil War, 10 Security, Civil Society, Law Enforcement

India: In eastern India, the Maoist insurgents have neutralized yet another large police contingent.  About 70 police personnel are missing on 4 August in the Chhattisgarh forests following a gunfight between heavily-armed Maoists and police in Dantewada area, India, The Times of India reported. Maoists reportedly attacked a search party of the state police in a heavily forested region of Gumiapal, near Kirandul.

The key point of the item is that the India state police forces seem incapable of learning. The location of the attack is the same set of forests where hundreds of police have been killed this year, almost in defiance of central government warnings and advisories. Counterinsurgency means something entirely different in India than it does at Fort Leavenworth.

The Indians continue to rely on policemen and law enforcement forces to handle people who break the law. They consider Army forces and other armed services not appropriate or trained for handling law breakers.


Phi Beta Iota: No government has achieved “whole of government” intelligence, which is a precursor to whole of government planning, programming, and budgeting, and of course to whole of government policy, acquisition, and operations.  See the Graphics, especially on Intelligence (Im)Maturity and Whole of Government.  Collated graphics at Information Sharing and at Connecting the Dots.

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