Worth a Look: Strong Signal–Anger in the Heartland

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Phi Beta Iota: America is divided into Nine Nations culturally and geographically, 50 States that comprise the United STATES of America, many now considering nullification and some considering secession, and two parties that shut out one third or more of the electorate and electoral candidates.  Sadly, Americans agree on 80% of the issues but spend all of their time in conflict on the 20% that are ideologically rooted, while also refusing to see that the only thing America needs to get back on track is Electoral Reform–restoring the integrity of the connection between citizens, their taxes, and how their government spends those taxes.  Below, from Marcus Aurelius, is a “strong signal” representing anger in the heartland.

Signs Northbound on I-5 near Chehalis, WA (88 miles south of Seattle )

One of Twelve Signs

Click on the Image to see the other eleven.

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