Reference: Alternative Views of 9/11–Massive US Financial & Gold Fraud & 240 Billion Covert Fund Against Russia

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Source 1:  Collateral Damage–US Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001

Source 2:  Evil is as Evil Goes–Globalization at Work

Phi Beta Iota: A trusted Asian contact with deep gold community access provided these two links.  We recommend a full reading and reiterate our view that 9/11 was not properly investigated; the 9/11 Commission was a cover-up or white-wash, and justice remains to be served, beginning with the indictment and relentless deposition of Dick Cheney before he suffers a “natural” heart attack.  We speculate that 9/11 was at least four distinct opportunities that merged into one under the direct control of Dick Cheney, who at least three months prior to “the day,” arranged for a counter-terrorism exercise enabling his control of every aspect of “the day.”

1)  Terrorist attack allowed to happen and perhaps made to happen, to provide a pretext for an elective invasion of Iraq as well as Afghanistan.

2)  Financial crimes centered on the Bank of New York and Goldman Sachs, to be “buried” literally.

3)  Financial crimes centered in the Pentagon, where $2.3 trillion could not be accounted for.

4)  Larry Silverstein's asbestos problem resolved, with a $7 billion pay-out that must have been in collusion with the industry executives that ignored all of the evidence of controlled demolitions.

Having said all this, we caution readers with respect to the formidable presence of Israeli intelligence and its capacity to propagate misinformation.  The primary report is housed on a web site in Israel, and this report would not be surviving if this were in any way inimical to Israeli Zionist interests.  The secondary report rehashes some of the stories developed and documented in Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold and Edward Lansdale’s Cold War.  Finally, this is not just a Bush Family crime story–everybody who is anybody in the two-party tyranny has a piece of this, and must one day be properly investigated and held accountable.  Neither the Chinese nor the Russians (or the Iranians for that matter) are stupid.  They will settle this in their own good time.   The truth one day…of this we are certain.

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