Journal: Private Security Contractors (Blackwater Xe Specifically) In Court Over Epidemic Steroid & Drug Use, Psychotic Behavior, in Iraq

Commerce, Corruption, Military

David Isenberg

David Isenberg

Private Security Contractors (PSCs) on Drugs

Media reports regarding the lawsuits prompted a third party named Howard Boardman Lowry to contact Relators‟ Counsel. Mr. Lowry’s sworn testimony is attached in its entirety as Exhibit B. Mr. Lowry testified he purchased steroids, human growth hormones, and testosterone for Blackwater employees and his observation of rampant drug use among Blackwater employees. Initially, Blackwater paid for the steroids from company funds. Later, Blackwater management steered Blackwater personnel to Mr. Lowry. He also testified that Blackwater employees would often shoot at Iraqi pedestrians for no reason and would regularly shoot into adjacent buildings housing Iraqi civilians among other acts of unwarranted violence. In short, Mr. Lowry provides critical and corroborating evidence. See Exhibit B.

Phi Beta Iota: The entire piece in the Huffington Post is worth a careful reading.

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