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Blog Wisdom, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, info-graphics/data-visualization, InfoOps (IO), IO Sense-Making, Methods & Process
# Business Intelligence Sources Registration? Recommended by
3 BeyeNetwork No Rachel Delacour
2 No Rachel Delacour
2 No Rachel Delacour
BitPipe Business Intelligence No Naveen Gumgol
Data Administration Newsletter No Bruce Bond-Myatt
iWareLogic Oracle (BI & EBS) No Abhishek Sharma
MAIA Intelligence Blog Yes Dhiren Gala
Oracle BI Blog No Taher Hakami
Prologica Forums—Dashboards Plus No Sree Jallipalli
Ralph Kimball Yes Steve Fiske
Spagobi the Open Source Business Intel Suite Yes Gabriele Ruffatti
Visual Business Intelligence No Hrvoje Smolić

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