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This seemed worthwhile.  Although below appear on this site already, we have done some prospecting and pulled a few other graphics and reports together.

Afghanistan War Wealth + Corruption Cycle (Opium, Hashish, Minerals, Past Pipeline Attempts)

Journal: Pentagon Lies, NYT Sells Out, Obama Fiddles

New today, thank you for the inspiration:

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Propaganda Busters:  Afghanistan minerals, China to USA & NATO: Thank you.

Afghan mining contracts up for grabs

Vast $Trillion Mineral Deposits Discovered in Afghanistan – Mineral Maps – Taliban Maps – Videos

Known Resources 2008

Mining co's: Exploitation of Afghan mineral resources years off

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Afghanistan Mineral Deposits Was “Economic Prize” All Along – Brzezinski

Afghanistan: Is the Mineral

Metals Myth?

Deposit Saga a Reality or Myth?

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