Journal: The Socialization of Products & Services

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The Socialization of Products & Services

After writing a piece on The Memetic Web & The Internet of Products several weeks ago, I started to think more about the implications products and services would have on the Attention Economy and why the notion of “social” seems to be so often misconstrued in the larger context of the marketing and media worlds.

We talk a lot about social in terms of things like corporate communications, CRM, content development and to a greater extent, sharing behaviors – all of which are great, mind you – but I think what we don’t talk about enough or even build into our subsequent strategies and executions is the very thread of what social is in an empathic and evolutionary sense… Which is to do and propagate good.

Tip of the Hat to Pierre Levy at LinkedIn.

Phi Beta Iota: This is a very–very–thoughtful and deep blog posting, and the fact that Pierre Levy, one of the twelve apostles of Collective Intelligence, recommends it, makes it doubly important.  Written by Guenther Sonnenfeld, it includes a short video of Alex Bogusky sharing important ideas.  It includes references to Ray Kurzweil, technology as an off-shoot of biology, and the emerging nature of socio-economic ecosystems in which trust is the blood.  All the kind of stuff our leaders–if we had any–should be embracing.

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