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From Babette Bensoussan, CEO of MindShifts Matter in Australia:

Have you heard……. according to marketing guru Seth Godin, most existing systems (organisations, careers, cities, governments) are resilient to external shocks. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t still be here. Earthquakes, edicts and emergencies come and go, but the systems remain. And yet, it’s the emergencies we pay attention to.

No single event demolished the music business.  No single technology destroyed the business model for newspapers, and smoking has killed far more people than terrorists ever did.

It is the series of slow changes over time that matter.  Cultural shifts, changes in habits, technologies that slowly make a product or a system obsolete, are the ones that change our lives and create long term evolutionary changes.

Watch for shifts in systems, processes and expectations. That’s what makes change, not big events.

The breaking news mindset isn’t just annoying, it may be distracting you from what really matters.

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