Journal: Palantir, Flush with Cash, Sued for Industrial Espionage and Racketeering

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Snapshot of the Case with Links

Palantir according to Palantir: How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade

Palantir: The Next Billion-Dollar Company Raises $90 Million

Hysterical.   Silicon Valley fell for a front job.  Too much money, not enough due diligence.

The Fit or Fat Startup

Nails it.  Limited technology, rotten user interface, dumb current audience will not scale.

Palantir Describes Lucene Searching with a Twist

Locked in to the venerable Java search engine Lucene.  Aw shucks.

I2 Sues Palantir Over Alleged Trade Secrets Theft

In what i2 called a “multiyear scheme of fraud and industrial espionage,” Palantir knowingly used fraudulently obtained software to design new intelligence products that would help Palantir compete directly and…

Court Filing 10 August 2010

One of the most interesting open source information documents in some time….the day will come when the beltway bandits are brought to justice as well, one can only hope that happens before they go bankrupt.

Lawsuit Tracker This Case

Lastest news: court has rejected Palantir’s preliminary defense, the RICO charges are sustained.

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