Journal: Seth Godin on the Customer as a Celebrity

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

You’re famous

What makes a celebrity special? She was just an ordinary person a month or a year ago, but now, suddenly, your heart goes flitter-flutter when you meet her, or you want an autograph.

One way to consider fame is that it increases the options for the person at the same time the number of demands go up. In other words, celebrity makes the celebrity’s attention more valuable.

It’s exciting to shake hands or get an autograph from a famous person, then, because the celebrity has something others want, you’re getting a slice of attention from someone who has other options. But she didn’t exercise those options–she chose you.

By this definition, you’re famous. Compared to just a few years ago, more people know you, you have more options and your attention is far more precious than it ever was.

Not just you, of course. Your customers too. They’re famous now.

Time to start treating them that way.

Phi Beta Iota: This is a play on both diversity and co-creation as well as business ecologies.  We are One.

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