Three Audio/Video Segments on Intelligent Collaboration, Intelligence Of Crowds, and Collaborative Problem-Solving

Audio, Collective Intelligence, Collective Intelligence

CISCO: Intelligent Collaboration: A Discussion with Professor Thomas Malone
Learn how new collaborative technologies help redefine teamwork, leadership, and the concept of collective intelligence. Start collaborating more intelligently. (30:16 min)

NPR: The Intelligence Of Crowds In ‘The Perfect Swarm’ Talk of the Nation (Sept 10)
In his book The Perfect Swarm, Len Fisher talks about swarm intelligence — where the collective ideas of a group add up to better solutions than any individual could have dreamed up, including an example of how UPS reorganized its driving routes using the logic of an ant colony.

NPR: Collaboration Beats Smarts In Group Problem Solving by Joe Palca (Sept 30)
Everywhere you look, from business to science to government, teams of people are set to work solving problems. You might think the trick to getting the smartest team would be to get the smartest people together, but a new study says that might not always be right.

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