Worth a Look: A Plan to Dump Congress in 2012

Worth A Look

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2012: How U.S. Voters Can Wrest Control of Congress from Special Interests
(Revised 09.29.10)
The electorate’s dissatisfaction with the nation’s lawmakers has reached a critical stage. A majority of U.S. voters want to see most elected representatives in Congress defeated because they favor special interests over voters’ interests. Unfortunately, legal obstacles erected by the two major parties prevent voters from replacing most of these representatives unless they use the large scale collective action power of the Internet to work around them.

These obstacles range from federal and state election laws to campaign finance laws and Supreme Court decisions that favor private over public funding of elections. Voters can’t change these laws within the foreseeable future. But they can circumvent them at the Congressional election district level. The web savvy 125 million voters who used the Internet to influence the outcome of the 2008 elections can use breakthrough web technologies to elect a majority of Congressional representatives untainted by special interests in 2012.

These technological advances, particularly the web application discussed in this series, enable voters to build winning transpartisan voting blocs in their…

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Home Page with PROTOTYPE Policy Options and Voter Empowerment

Phi Beta Iota: Similar to what we conceptualized with Joe Trippi and others in 2008, but with its own unique and patentable approach, this PROTOTYPE could be the “killer app” for democracy.  We will know more in early 2011.

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