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Pelosi, Boxer star in TV ad telling Latino voters “don’t vote”

Unflattering photos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Sen. Barbara Boxer and California Rep. Maxine Waters play a central role in a new TV commercial created by a Republican front group, telling Latino voters to stay home on Election Day.

The Spanish-language ads, entitled “No Votes” (“Don’t Vote”), are sponsored by a Virginia-based group that calls itself “Latinos for Reform.”

Published reports indicate that the ads are the work of Robert Desposada, a Republican political consultant, former Republican National Committee director of Hispanic affairs and pundit on the Spanish language TV network Univision.

Imagine for a moment that the New York State Police are warning American boaters to steer clear of the Canadian side of Lake Ontario because they might fall victim to pirates.

Imagine that violent gangs armed with military weaponry created a no man’s land along a portion of the border shared by the United States and Canada that challenged the sovereignty of both nations.

Would this for a moment be tolerable? Would the president of the United States or the leaders of Congress simply treat it as a regrettable yet acceptable border problem? Of course not. Yet residents of South Texas are expected to endure precisely this situation on the U.S.-Mexican border.

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