Worth a Look: Chevon Thinks We’re Stupid….

Worth A Look

Funny Or Die: Chevron ‘We Agree' Ad Spoofed For ‘Chevron Thinks We're Stupid' Campaign (VIDEO)

Oil giant Chevron's new ‘We Agree‘ ad campaign recently made unintended headlines when notorious pranksters The Yes Men teamed up with Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch to release a simultaneous fake press release and website that mimicked Chevron's new campaign while derailing the company by calling it out for its alleged failures and mistakes.

The group has now launched the Chevron Thinks We're Stupid website, calling on all creative individuals to submit their own spoof Chevron ad, and join in the lambasting of the company for their greenwash.

Funny Or Die has stepped up to the plate with a hilarious rendition that nearly frame-for-frame lampoons one of Chevron's own commercials. The video not only mocks Chevron's useless dropping of key words like “renewable energy,” but also its character's bearded-in-denim imagery to appeal to environmentalists.

“Chevron is spending tens of millions of dollars on this ad campaign because it's easier than just making changes,” the impersonated Chevron employee says, admitting that really they just “think you people are f–king idiots.”

Check out the video below, and visit ChevronThinksWereStupid.org to view other spoof ads and submit your own.


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