Worth a Look: Hugely Inflamatory Slam on US Muslim Tax-Deductible Fund-Raising for Hamas and Hezbollah

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Ladies and Gentlemen:
1.  Invite your attention the video at the YouTube link in the message below.
2.  Just to be clear:
a.  I cannot tell you precisely who made the video.
b.  I cannot tell definitively whether or not it is true in whole or in part..
c.  To me, it looks like it ((COULD)) be a product of selective editing with individual items extracted from multiple source and reassembled, without context, to suggest conclusions supporting somebody’s predetermined viewpoint.  But that does not necessarily mean that it is not wholly or partially true.
d.  Invite your special attention to the credits at the very end — about 13:06 and beyond.  If Steven Emerson and the Investigativer Project are involved with this video, that would increase its credibility in my eyes.
e.  All foregoing said, I am inclined to believe video and message are more true than not.
3.  For some of you addees, I think this is relatively local for if I understand east Florida geography.

Busted – Orlando Mosque Finances Hamas Fundraiser

Phi Beta Iota: The above YouTube is just under 14 minutes and well-worth watching.  We offer several observations:

1.  The IRS is not stupid.  Organizations having a 501c3 are no better or worse than similar organizations sheltering wealth from taxation for the elite that has looted America.

2.  US foreign policy has been militarized, ideologized, and stupified to the point that most of what we do “in our name” is unaffordable, unsustainable, and very often unethical if not crossing over into crimes against humanity.  Our blind support for Israel–remember the USS Liberty–is totally un-American,  irrational, and NOT in our best interests.

3.  The aid was delivered to the elected president of Palestine–that’s the area of which Gandhi said “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.”

4.  Of course this video serves Israeli propaganda purposes, as did 9-11, as did the attack on the USS Cole.  We do not object to that.  The problem America faces is that its government is in grid-lock, with no strategy, no intelligence, no coherent policy spectrum, and no budget–the USA is bankrupt and the Treasury is in the hands of crooks.

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