From the Ashes: Public Daily Brief Weekly Report Archive

Key Players, Policies, Threats

From 2006-2008, thousands of people subscribed to the Earth Intelligence Network's Public Daily Brief weekly report entitled GLOBAL CHALLENGES: THE WEEK IN REVIEWDestabilizing Threats, Stabilizing Policies, and Global Powers at a Glance. It was maintained by Winston Maike whose unexpected death/passing abruptly stopped the publication of this powerful and free global public service and whose work was “lost”. Former intelligence personnel were known to have said that the Public Daily Brief was superior to the President's Daily Brief.

The Daily Brief consisted of *hundreds* of RSS feeds organized into categorized headlines that were followed by a descriptive sentence that would scroll vertically.  See this example. By the end of the week, that daily feed would be aggregated into weekly reports that were sent out by email.

Thanks to's Wayback Machine, we have now posted the archive to

We plan on gradually bringing this service back to life. We will be in the process of collecting RSS feed addresses from many sources (such as Silobreaker). We will then need to form a database and code tailored to our needs.

Inquiries: earthintelnet [at]

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