Matthew Ehret: Biden’s Anti-Eurasian Green Delusion and America’s Race to Irrelevance

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Biden’s Anti-Eurasian Green Delusion and America’s Race to Irrelevance

Many people couldn’t help but laugh when Biden told the Boris Johnson on March 26 that the USA and it’s NATO allies should create “an infrastructure plan to rival the Belt and Road Initiative” post haste. What would such a program look like? How would it be funded when the USA is so embarrassingly bankrupt? Who among the nations of the world would ever consider buying a ticket onto such a sinking ship?

It took a few weeks for details to finally emerge, but by the end of the April 22-23 Climate Summit hosted by Biden, John Kerry and Anthony Blinken, it has become abysmally clear what delusions possessed the poor president.

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Matt Ehret: Tomorrow’s Arctic: Theatre of War or Cooperation? The Real Story Behind the Alaska Purchase

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Today, the Arctic has increasingly become identified as a domain of great prosperity and cooperation amongst world civilizations on the one side and a domain of confrontation and war on the other.

In 2007, the Russian government first voiced its support for the construction of the Bering Strait rail tunnel connecting the Americas with the Eurasian continent- a policy which has taken on new life in 2020 as Putin’s Great Arctic Development strategy has wedded itself to the northern extension of the Belt and Road Initiative (dubbed the Polar Silk Road). In 2011, the Russian government re-stated its pledge to build the $64 billion project.

On the Stone Age side of things, deep state neocons have also looked upon the arctic as a strategic zone of global importance, but with a very different mental filter from their Russian counterparts. NORAD’s leadership and a vast array of NATO-philes have repeatedly called upon the Arctic as a domain of militarization and confrontation with their primary “strategic nemeses” Russia and China.

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Matt Ehret: Will Canada Be a Bridge of Cooperation Or a Platform for War in the 21st Century

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The arctic remains the world’s last frontier of human exploration. It is also a domain of great potential cooperation among great civilizations, or inversely a domain of militarism and confrontation.

In recent years, Russia and China have increasingly harmonized their foreign policies around the Framework unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013 dubbed the Belt and Road Initiative. Since its unveiling, this megaproject has grown in leaps and bounds winning over 136 nations, accruing $3.7 trillion of investment capital and evolving new components such as the “Digital Silk Road”, “Health Silk Road”, “Space Silk Road”, and of course the “Polar Silk Road”. In March 2021, the Polar Silk Road, first announced in 2018, was given a prominent role in the 2021-2025 Five Year Plan with a focus on Arctic shipping, resource development, scientific Arctic research and conservation.

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Caitlin Johnstone: Intelligence Sources Say Biggest Threat To U.S. Is Actually U.S. Policy

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Intelligence Sources Say Biggest Threat To U.S. Is Actually U.S. Policy
by Caitlin Johnstone
A new “threat assessment” by the US intelligence cartel has named China the number one threat to the United States today, followed by Russia, Iran, and North Korea. This has of course led to blaring news headlines like “China poses the biggest threat to the U.S., a new intelligence report says” from The New York Times, instead of something a little less propagandistic like “Here’s who the CIA wants you to be afraid of in order to advance its geostrategic power agendas.”

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Matt Ehret: A Journey with Jeff J. Brown Through China’s History, Political-economy and Culture

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In our first official Rising Tide Foundation Podcast, Cynthia Chung and I had the good fortune to interview China Rising Radio’s Jeff J. Brown on all things China.

In this extensive discussion, Jeff goes through the historic voyages of Admiral Zheng He generations before Columbus which brought commerce, culture and trade to Africa, Europe and even the Americas in order to understand China’s current Maritime Silk Road program and foreign policy philosophy more generally. We also discuss the rise of Mao, Sun Yat-sen’s leadership inspired by the example of Christ and Abraham Lincoln and also China’s incredible ability to leap beyond the limited minds of geopolitical manipulators like Kissinger or Rockefeller under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping in order to bring about the most dramatic rates of development and progress ever witnessed in human history.

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J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – March 2021 #4 Lights Out NYC!

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DO NOT MISS THE #UNRIG TRUTH TOUR! 15 May to 6 September — EPIC!

Three Russian nuclear submarines surface within a reported 15 minute missile range of NYC and a video sent to NATO showing the Russians opening three ICBM missile hangers all in one week. Do you think the Russians are trying to send a message? Like maybe NATO should not play Russian Roulette?

As many know the American Gray Swans are predictable events that can shut down our supply chain for a long period of time that will cause an engineered famine. One of the most dangerous and concerning is the taking out of our electric grid. It is extremely vulnerable to attack. Taking out the NYC power grid would shut down Wall Street, the Financial Center, and the Credit Markets leading to a shutdown of the nation’s supply chain.

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Matt Ehret: China and Russia: The New Guarantors for Justice in the Face of a Self-Cannibalizing West

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China and Russia have made it absolutely clear that they recognize the sad fact that the oligarchy in firm control of the western alliance is adamantly intent on burning all possible diplomatic avenues of cooperation and dialogue as the Hindenburg of the western financial system continues to careen towards a fiery oblivion.

It didn’t take long for the behaviorist zombies and NATO-philes managing the recent U.S. color revolution to undo any remnant of hope that some form of sane foreign policy might emerge from the U.S. establishment.

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