Journal: US Unemployment 20-30% Not 10%

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John Williams' has unemployment above 20 %:

Shadow Government Statistics : Home Page

There's a graph on that page that compares U-3, U-6, and SGS measurements of unemployment.

University study shows true jobless rate at 30.5 percent –

“YOUNGSTOWN – A model for tracking America's true joblessness puts the nation's figure at 30.5 percent in August, not the official 9.6 percent, a Youngstown State University labor analyst said Friday.

The YSU report shows the need not only for more government stimulus spending but also for a national industrial policy that includes tariffs and incentives to encourage business research and development, said John Russo, co-director of YSU's Center for Working-Class Studies.

Russo urged “a lot more money” for job training and greater investment to repair aging roads, bridges and other infrastructure, along with a program to encourage companies to hire and keep their business in the U.S…”

IIRC, anyone unemployed for one year plus one day falls off the unemployment rolls.

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