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Tom Atlee

Speaking of Tom's work … This morning I stumbled across a podcast, which includes the audio from a TV interview I did with Tom in the year 2000. The podcast is from Jarrett Sanchez' NEXT STEP, a podcast partially inspired by Tom's work. Tom was at least fifteen years ahead of the times in 2000 so his perspective is becoming more commonsensical today.

Jim (Rough), author of Society's Breakthrough

Phi Beta Iota: The audio tape is 30 minutes long.  Tom Atlee is in many ways “ground zero” for deliberative democracy, a hub to whom all of the “modalities” from Open Space Technology to Collective Intelligence to Conscious Evolution to Appreciative Inquiry to Participatory Budgeting to Citizen Wisdom Councils to World Cafe all connect.

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Reference: Changing the Game

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