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Not on the site, but always appreciated as a lead, the event has taken place so it will not be placed in Events.

Rule one with Word Press is to do short simple searches.

Global Challenges Forum does NOT produce the sought after conference but see the interesting results in related hits by clicking on the bold active search set.

Similarly Carol Dumaine does NOT produce the sought after conference (which our network did not notice beforehand) but produces very important hits on Carol Dumaine, who has been, like Carmen Medina, Janet Platt, Dennis McCormick, Diane Webb,  and Andy Shepard and a handful of others in DoD such as Dr. Dr. Dave Warner, Eric Rasmussen, Chris Rasmussen, disciplined in accepting the system's inability to change or even notice the need to change.  Click on her name as highlighted for those results.

Here is the link you were looking for:

Naval Postgraduate School Global Challenges Forum Switzerland

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