Journal: WikiLeaks Next Round BANKS

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WikiLeaks plans to release thousands of internal documents from a major
U.S. bank in early 2011, Forbes magazine reported on Monday.

“You could call it the ecosystem of corruption,” Assange told Forbes
during an interview in London, but refused to provide details about the


Phi Beta Iota: Our hope for the round after banks would be massive leakage from the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee.  This “open everything” meme is way cool.  Think of it as tough love.

Facebook Question and Answer

Jonathan Kan So, do WikiLeaks make your Open Source Intelligence dream comes true?

The short answer is no–WikiLeaks is the lowest form of open source raw sewage–BUT WikiLeaks is serving an enormous purpose in demonstrating without equivocation that “rule by secrecy” is unethical, inept, and not in the public interest.  It is a catalyst for change, not change itself.  For change the game, see Tom Atlee on politics (search Tom Atlee Change the Game) and for substance see my M4IS2 Briefing to South America, at  Pass it on.  The revolution has started without a single politician being involved.

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