Event: 24-26 January 2011, Paris, The Future of Urban Water: Solutions for Livable & Resilient Cities (UNESCO)

12 Water
link to event flyer (pdf)

The aim of this conference is to share knowledge on recent advances in urban water management, and to catalyse change towards more livable and resilient cities – The “City of the Future”. Increasing global change pressures, escalating costs and other risks inherent to conventional urban water management are causing cities to face ever increasing difficulties in efficiently managing scarcer and less reliable water resources. In order to meet these challenges there is a need for a paradigm shift in water management. Over the past 5 years major international initiatives such as the SWITCH project, UNESCOIHP’s Urban Water Programme and IWA’s Cities of the Future Programme, have brought together a global consortium from the fields of academic, urban planning, water utility and consulting interests. This conference will provide a platform for academics, public and private sector practitioners from both developed and developing countries to generate and exchange knowledge and understanding of the concepts, strategies, policies and technologies that contribute to sustainable urban water management. In addition the conference will support society, urban water actors, and policy makers with independent and scientifically based expert advice.

Conference flyer (PDF)

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