Journal: China Expands in Europe, US Shrinks….

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Capitalizing on the Euro Crisis

China Expands Its Influence in Europe

By Wieland Wagner

Der Spiegel, 14 December 2010

China is seizing on Europe's debt problems to expand its influence on the
continent with large-scale investments and purchases of government bonds
issued by highly-indebted states. The strategy could push Europe into the
same financial dependency on China that is posing a dilemma for the US.

Phi Beta Iota: Half of strategy is being smart at home–little things like assuring liberty and nurturing innovation, planning for resilience, being self-sustaining where it matters.  The contrast between the US shrinking balloon and the expanding Chinese dominance of the world through measured export of males, measures investments, and presidential-level delegations that the US cannot fathom, all bode well for China and ill for the US.  The Republic is no longer–whether it can be brought back in a Second American Revolution is the question that we older folk must address–but now we can do so confident that the younger generation–the 12-18 generation specifically, has woken up to both the crisis facing them and the ineptitude of their respective governments.  Their informed anger is heartening.

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