Journal: 1 in 4 Fail US Army Extrance Exam

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APNewsBreak: Nearly 1 in 4 fails military exam

AP News

Dec 21, 2010 19:05 EST

Nearly one-fourth of the students who try to join the U.S. Army fail its entrance exam, painting a grim picture of an education system that produces graduates who can't answer basic math, science and reading questions, according to a new study released Tuesday.

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The military exam results are also worrisome because the test is given to a limited pool of people: Pentagon data shows that 75 percent of those aged 17 to 24 don't even qualify to take the test because they are physically unfit, have a criminal record or didn't graduate high school.

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Phi Beta Iota: Information Operations (IO) starts in the public schoolhouse.  On the battlefield, the “strategic corporal” may have the fate of an entire division in their hands.  It's time to get back to basics.  Side note: corporations struggling with the failure of schools including colleges are now focusing on identifying “trainable” individuals who can be remediated toward full performance.  Restoring universal service and creating a common boot camp followed by branching into Home Service, Peace Corps, or Armed Forces would be one way to raise the over-all level.  Dumping the age requirements and creating both mid-career and retired categories of specialists is another solution.  IO is about human brains–collective intelligence–it more about humanity in action than it is about technology or the security of bits and bytes–the latter are support functions, not primary functions.

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