Reference: Michael Ostrolenk on Transpartisanship

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Preamble from Jim Turner

Jim Turner's remarks practically had me [Teri Murphy] leaping to my feet from my little red mushroom stool as he described politics as lurching from walking solely on one's left foot, becoming exhausted, and then walking solely on the right foot until exhausted again. He called for a recognition that each of us has politics as individual as our fingerprints, but under-girding our views are the same competing poles: particularly of freedom vs order. And we're not going to get anywhere until we can address the concerns of both poles in a way that frees them to recognize their own need for the opposite pole.

VIDEO:  Michael Ostrolenk onIntroduction to Transpartisan Thinking

VIDEO:  Michael Ostrolenk on Transpartisan is Greater than Bipartisan

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