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Updated 30 December 2010


28 Dec Secession! What Would It Look Like If Red States Formed Their Own Country? (AlterNet)

28 Dec South Carolina’s Secession Obsession (FrumForum)


30 Dec Reviving the 10th: States watch Texas air quality case (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A 10th Amendment victory on this issue could have implications for ObamaCare, educational mandates, wilderness takeovers (see below), vehicle mileage standards, immigration laws and much, much more.

30 Dec Liberal Federalism (LubbockOnline)

22 Dec E pluribus 66 percent? (Times-Tribune)

22 Dec  EPA’s Endangerment Rule Threatens States’ Sovereignty(NationalCenter)

21 Dec 10 In face of court ruling, HHS again pushes limits set in Constitution (ifawebnews)

21 Dec 10  The States’ Rights Battle Continues (NYT)

20 Dec 10  States’ Rights, but to What? (NYT)

20 Dec 10  The Fierce Booze Battle (

20 Dec 10 Anti-Obamacare = Pro-Slavery? (

19 Dec 10 Amendment Would Enable States to Repeal Federal Law (NYT)

18 Dec 10  Wicker bill would let states challenge federal rules

13 Dec 10  Federal judge strikes down Obama health care law

11 Dec 10  Civil War roundtable in Canton Dec. 12

9 Dec 10  Obama could now take back the Tea Party

9 Dec 10  GOP senator introduces states’ rights bill prompted by reform law

7 Dec 10  Reform and legal issues (13 states against Health mandate)

7 Dec 10  Repeal Amendment deserves debate (two thirds can overturn)

6 Dec 10  Health Apes Reading The Constitution


7 Dec 10  Supreme Court to Hear Arizona Immigration Law Case Wednesday


29 Dec Feds Usurping States’ Rights Via Legislative Chicanery (PipeLineNews)

6 Dec 10  How California Became a Branch Office of the Federal Government

15 Oct 10 Journal: Terminator to Feds–”Can You Spell Nullify?”


24 Dec People Are Starting To Voice Strong Opinions Against Health Care Reform (Atom Stack Tribune)

7 Dec 10  Video: Haridopolos Talks Up States’ Rights With ‘Repeal Amendment’

7 Dec 10  Fla. Attorney General cites state’s rights in suing feds over stricter water rules


30 Dec  Congressional session over, Idaho success minimal (MountainExpress)


13 Dec 10  Brown lauds legal setback for Obama’s health care law


7 Dec 10  Wicker Pushes States’ Rights Bill In Senate

6 Dec 10 Gop Senator Files Tenther Bill to Battle Federal Tyranny


20 Dec I-Team: Nevada’s Fight Against Health Care Reform (8 NewsNow)

13 Dec 10 Nevada Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval Pleased With Federal Court Ruling Against Health Care Law


Spartanburg County state senator aims for SC gun rights (GoUpstate)


6 Dec 10 Unappealing Repeal Amendment


20 Dec 10 Georgiana Vines: Tea party preparing for 2011-12 (KnoxNews)


28 Dec Messing With Texas (

28 Dec Texas legislation calls for constitutional amendment to enforce states’ sovereignty (AmericanIndependent)

24 Dec EPA says it will step in to regulate greenhouse gases in Texas (

7 Dec 10  Texas Legislature May Criminalize Obamacare

7 Dec 10  EPA says gas driller contaminated Texas aquifer

5 Dec 10 Perry taking his rebellion national


30 Jan 10 Journal: Vermont Takes First Step Toward Secession


States’ rights (Wikipedia)

Tenth Amendment (Wikipedia)

Nullification (Wikipedia)

Secession (Wikipedia)

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Self-Determination & Secession

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