Reference: The Walk from “No” to “Yes” (William Ury)

Cultural Intelligence, IO Sense-Making, Methods & Process, Peace Intelligence
William Ury

Finding the 18th camel….

15,000 tribes in touch with one another

The secret to peace is not easy, not new, but it is simple: We are the secret to peace, Us acting as a surrounding community.

The circle revisited…

The third side of any conflict is those not party to the conflict.

TEDX Presentation on Abraham's Walk (Unity & Respect)

William Ury is a mediator, writer and speaker, working with conflicts ranging from family feuds to boardroom battles to ethnic wars. He's the author of “Getting to Yes.” Full bio and more links

Tip of the Hat to John Steiner.

Phi Beta Iota: This is kum-ba-ya hand-holding at a world-class level.  Utterly brilliant on the process, totally lacking on the facts and how to use them, pooling of resources and how to use them, etcetera.

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