Worth a Look: TruthOut Column on Making Government Work

Worth A Look
Dina Rasor

Introducing the “Solutions: Making Government Work” Column on Truthout

Tuesday 07 December 2010

Dina Rasor

Tomorrow, Truthout will debut my new column: “Solutions: Making Government Work.” This weekly column will be a platform for myself and others with inside experience to seek solutions to ineffectiveness, waste and ingrained problems within the federal government.

. . . . . . .

I will continue to investigate fraud in the government where I see it, but after so many years of exposes, I wanted to try to move reform in a different way by trying to find solutions to the government problems once they are exposed. Our current government has immense problems that will require big institutional changes and solutions.

. . . . . . .

I believe that it is crucial for the next generation to try to make the government effective and find ways to make it work, or the suffering and cynicism will just continue to grow and plague our national debate and the future success of our country.

Read full article that offers opportunity to submit ideas.

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