Assisting Law Enforcement and Families Of Missing Loved Ones

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Six  years ago, while standing inside a Wal-Mart, Cynthia Caron realized that those passing were walking through the entrance and nobody glanced over at the huge wall frame of missing children.  She felt perhaps the general population may have become “desensitized” to the “missing child” posters.  She also realized that it was rare to see one for a missing adult.

Cynthia began designing unique banners of missing loved ones which are posted on Internet web pages, blogs and forums with the hopes that a missing person will be recognized.  Working with various law enforcement agencies across the country, on behalf of the families, and helping to bring awareness via the media, internet and social network groups relieves the frustrations that families endure when a loved one goes missing and enables families to have peace of mind in knowing that all the necessary steps are taking place.  Cynthia interacts on a daily basis with law enforcement and a number of families who are seeking missing loved ones.  She also guides those members to supportive groups of other families who have the same experiences.  Linking families together has proven to be a valuable and supportive tool both emotionally and physically for those beginning the steps of searching for their missing loved one and LostNMissing is with the families every step of the way.

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