Reference: Genocide of Bees From Failure of Government

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Leaked Memo Sheds Light on Mysterious Bee Die-Offs and Who's to Blame

The culprit may be a pesticide that the EPA has allowed on the market despite the fact that the company which makes the pesticide has failed to prove it is safe.

AlterNet / By Jill Richardson

December 10, 2010

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Phi Beta Iota: This is the part that the President, the Director of the Office of Management, and the Director of National Intelligence simply do not compute.  As presented in the M4IS2 briefing in Chile, in today's complex era security is everything about everything always.  Intelligence must mature.  We have wasted 19 years going on 25.  Creating a Smart Nation and a Smart Government starts with evidence-based policy-making–intelligence is where that comes from, and public intelligence is how we nurture integrity within the government.

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