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Berto Jongman is one of the top Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) pioneers.   Word Press search has its good and bad features.  Good is that it updates instantly.  Bad is that it prefers simple searches e.g. <Jongman map> without the brackets.  Neutral is the fact that for older references, you will have to wade through every more current reference that cites the older reference.  If there were an Open Source Agency, the first three things it would do would be to commission an update of this map integrating all ten high-level threats; create a global intelligence, policy, and budget council for each of the thirty factors using citation analysis and making it multinational; and create the EarthGame with Policy-Budget Citizen Outreach.

2002 Jongman (NL) World Conflict & Human Rights Map 2001/2002

2001 Jongman (NL) World Conflict & Human Rights Map

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